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Spare parts catalog FORD > Focus 2008-2011 > Chassis > R152.79 bearing-hub rear axis
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R152.79 bearing-hub rear axis

Price: 2196 UAH. Availability: Delivery 1 day Condition: New Vendor: SNR Code: R152.79 Original number: 1506577
Description: Recommend to buy R152.79 bearing-hub rear axis для Focus 2008-2011 at the best price among spare parts catalogs in Kiev and Ukraine. We will deliver the auto parts within one working day by 'Novaya Pochta' or 'Intime'.
Terms of payment and delivery Delivery in Kiev and regions Pickup from our store Nova Poshta Intime Payment Cash, Non-cash, Card of Privat-Bank Guarantee 12 months official warranty from the manufacturer except electrical goods


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